Attorney Profile

Texas Motorcycle Law Firm has the leadership of Jimmy Doan, who is an avid biker himself. Having grown up in Texas, Doan spent much time riding the great trails of his home state from the Austin Hill Country to the coast of Galveston. He’s uniquely familiar with the dangers of inattentive drivers who do not understand how to share the road with motorcycle riders.

As an attorney, Doan has made himself an expert in motorcycle law and has represented scores of people who have been victims to life changing motorcycle accidents. He understands the danger of an irresponsible driver and what directions any potential litigation should take. With his unique background as a representative of those assigned to protect others while he worked as a deputy sheriff, Doan has a very rich understanding of all aspects of motorcycle law. Because of that knowledge, Texas Motorcycle Law Firm handles motorcycle litigation, which covers riding injuries of all types. Hailing from a working-class family, Doan understands the hardship an accident causes to the family economy. He also understands the need for expeditious settlement for those affected by injury through no fault of their own.

Texas Motorcycle Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the injured and handling claims so that the injured party and their family can focus on their health and recovery, rather than focusing on dealing with lawyers and insurance companies.