Motorcycle Accident – Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident – Injury Lawyers

Common sense tells you two things about riding motorcycles in Texas: it is a wonderful feeling and it is dangerous. Our accident lawyers have clients who, even following injury in a motorcycle accident, still enjoy riding in Texas’s glorious good weather. Our Law Firm doesn’t want to discourage any capable driver from enjoying a motorcycle. We do want you to be aware of exactly how dangerous motorcycles are, in the hope that you will drive more safely once you recognize the risks.personal injury lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Texas has seen a whopping increase in the number of motorcycle registrations. More riders mean more accidents, more injuries and more deaths. Still, no one wants to become a statistic.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is risky behavior even for the most responsible operators. Some studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( and other transportation safety organizations report very high numbers: you are 35 times more likely to die if you are on a motorcycle versus in a car in a crash; 80% of motorcyclists in an accident with another vehicle die. Motorcycles don’t weigh nearly as much as passenger cars and trucks. They don’t have the four-square stability of cars or trucks. They don’t protect their passengers with frames, roll bars, airbags, or seat belts.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Motorcyclists in accidents are vulnerable to all degrees of damage, none of it pleasant to contemplate.

Head Injuries

In Texas individuals at least 21 years-old are exempt from wearing a helmet while operating or riding a motorcycle if they have completed a Department-approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course or they can provide proof of at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage. Some studies done in the wake of this change in law claim that death and head injuries have increased in Texas. There is no doubt that nationwide, most deaths in motorcycle accidents are caused by head injuries, and that head injuries have been much more expensive to treat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the average hospital cost to treat a head injury at well over $45,000, more than four times the required $10,000 insurance that riders who choose not to wear helmets are required to carry.Accident Injury Attorn eys

Injuries to the Back and Spine

No matter how fancy the motorcycle or how many fenders and guards it has, a rider’s back is totally exposed. Sometimes, motorcycle operators and passengers suffer back or spinal injuries that can, even when treated properly, lead to lifetime pain and disability.

Sadly, motorcyclists in serious accidents are vulnerable to amputations, either immediately on impact or later in surgery because of injuries too severe to repair.

Burns are very serious injuries requiring intense medical care over a long period of time, even for the smallest deep burn.

Broken Bones, Dislocated Joints, and Sprains
On a motorcycle, a driver and passenger’s hands, arms, feet, and legs are totally exposed. When they hit the pavement the wrong way, try to catch themselves in a fall, or get crushed under a heavy piece of equipment, they’re very likely to break bones. In bad motorcycle accidents, riders sometimes suffer serious shoulder and hip injuries.

Cuts and puncture wounds caused in accidents are a serious threat to motorcyclists. Lacerations require medical treatment to stop the bleeding, stitch wounds closed, and prevent infection.

Even internal organs can be deeply bruised in motorcycle accidents. There is little medical treatment for deep bruising, except, time and limited physical exertion.

Road Rash
Road rashes are the nasty abrasions motorcyclists get when they are thrown from their bikes to slide and scrape across rough pavement. Abrasions are difficult to clean and cover, and they are extremely painful.

Psychological Trauma
Motorcycle accident victims often are surprised by psychological trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder caused by experiences in which severe physical harm occurs or is threatened. Victims need help if they become emotionally numb, develop insomnia, or experience flashbacks of the accident.personal; Injury Lawyers

Recovery from a Motorcycle Accident
Approximately 80% of all reported motorcycle incidents or accidents nation-wide result in injury or death. The motorcycle accident attorneys at our Law Firm are concerned about Texas motorcyclists because we know they ride at risk of injury or death through no fault of their own. Sometimes accidents involve trips to emergency rooms for stitches or casts, a little discomfort and inconvenience, and a day or two out of work. Some devastating motorbike accident wounds require major surgeries, physical therapy, medication regimens, and vocational rehabilitation. Motorcycle accident survivors may lose significant time at work, or even lose their jobs. They may be severely traumatized by their accidents. Personal injury and death cause financial, emotional, and mental strain for victims and their families.

Our Law Firm is staffed by attorneys knowledgeable about Texas motorcycle accident law. We put our clients first, and give our energy and expertise to recovery of the maximum compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and other motorcycle accident-related expenses.

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